Winter is going away. Are you getting sick too easily?

Here are some tips for you to prevent this—

Every year most of us complain of sore throat, watery eyes, constant sneezing, stuffy nose, muscle aches, diarrhoea, vomiting, high fever etc, during weather change.

There may be many reasons for it, like-

  1. This is favourable environment for microbial growth.
  2. In the beginning of summer there is a reduction in our immunity level
  3. In winter we spend more time indoors, this causes our vitamin D level to drop.
  4. In winter most of us are enclosed indoors, which makes us susceptible for low and dry heating and imperfect airspace.

However, fortunately we can prevent this seasonal sickness by many ways like –

  1. Proper hygiene practice: Several studies have found the link between good hygiene practice and the reduction in rates of intestinal parasitic diseases, we can improve hygiene practice by

        • Regular hand washing remove germs which helps in preventing diarrhoea, respiratory infections and others infections,

        • Avoid frequent touching of eyes and mouth this prevent spreading germs in our eyes, nose or mouth.

        • Covering face while coughing or sneezingit may prevent from getting sick who are around you,

Beside these avoid frequent touching of surfaces such as door knobs, refrigerator handles, switches etc. these helps to reduce the potential risk of infections for us as well as others around us.

  1. Regular exercise: Regular exercise improves our blood circulation and keeps our immune system strong.

        • We should engage at least an average of 30-40 minutes in moderate to high intensity regular exercise, mostly aerobic physical activity like swimming, cycling, walking, jogging, jumping rope etc across the week.

        • In case of yoga we can do pranayama, matsyasana, viparita karani and uttanasana for better immunity.

  1. Eating a healthy balanced diet: Regular eating of healthy balanced diet provides essential nutrition to our body like- fluid, macronutrients (carbohydrate, protein, fat), micronutrients (vitamin, minerals), fibre and energy.

        • Increase intake of vit – c rich foods (guava, orange) and zinc rich foods (pumpkin seed, cashews, meat, poultry) which boosts our immunity.

        • Include fresh fruits and vegetables in your meal.

  1. Adequate water intake: Regular adequate water intake keeps our body properly hydrated which helps to remove toxins from our body.

        • Daily 2.5-3 litre water intake is recommended.

  1. Get flu vaccinated: Being flu vaccinated during this time will decrease the risk of getting flu.

        • This vaccine produces antibiotics against the head of virus’s surface protein, hemagglutinin.

  1. Sufficient sleep at night: Daily 7-8hours sleep at night boost our immune system and maintain our physical and mental health.

        • Less sleep per night can degrade our immune system.

Along with these, maintain proper distance and wear a mask when you are outdoors.

So, changing season is or mean to wear or taking of a coat. maintain the above guidelines and don’t be stuck with the thought of getting sick.

– Sudeshna Jana

Nutritionist & Yoga Instructor

Team Nutri World


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