Winter Weight Gain – Why it happens and Tips to Manage it

You are feeling more hungrier in winter than any other season. Am I right?

Don’t think too much about it cause you’re not alone. Even most of us experience this during winter.

In winter our body temperature drops. Thus, eating helps to generate internal heat, afterward leads to a rise in body temperature. As a result, our cravings of food get stimulated.

Here are some tips that can help you to prevent overeating –


  1. Include high fibre, high fat (good fat), and high protein foods in your diet specially in your breakfast. So that, it can keep you fuller for longer.

Try to include –

*Egg, chicken, fish, yogurt, legume, paneer as a source of protein.

*Nuts, ghee and seeds (specially chia) as a source of fat

*Fruits, vegetables, whole grains as a source of fibre.

  1. Include good fat source in the place of junk foods. Limit saturated fat intake and give importance to unsaturated fat.
  2. Take a healthy-snacks between big meals which will be rich in fibre and protein.

You can try – sprouted chart, moong dal chilla, nuts and seeds or curd.

  1. Eat homemade well-cooked warm foods throughout the day.
  2. Do exercise daily, it is the best time to include cardio practices like running, jogging, etc which will keep you warmer and helps to burn extra calories. You should include yoga asana daily.
  3. Get daily exposure to sunlight.
  4. Consume adequate water daily (2.5-3litres)
  5. Avoid alcohol intake.
  6. Don’t skip your meals.
  7. Get proper sleep at night(7-8hours). Less sleep may trigger cravings for heavier foods.
  8. Avoid watching screens in the time of eating.        

So, lets try these tips and lead a healthy lifestyle.

– Sudeshna Jana

(Nutritionist & Yoga Instructor)

Nutri World Team

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