Ginger Root Tea Recipe

Ginger Tea Recipe:

Ingredients :-

Fresh ginger root:- 5 gm chopped or grated ginger.

Fresh water :- 1 cup

Tea leaves/powder:- ½ teaspoon.

Lemon : ½ teaspoon


1) Add ginger in the boiling water

2) Cover it and simmer it for 5 minutes

3) Add the tea and stir it well

4) Now keep it until it comes room temperature

5) Strain it and add lemon juice and enjoy.

We all heard about ginger tea but don’t know about the benefits of this. So today let’s talk about this .

When tea is made with the ginger or ginger extract then it is called ginger tea.

Now, the winter is coming and we need to boost up our immunity against the common winter problems like sore throat, common cold etc. Ginger is known to possess antioxidant properties ( NIN 2002) .

The health benefits of ginger are:-

  1. Cough suppressment :- Ginger contain gingerol , shogaols, paradol and zingerone which fight against microbes and protect our body from various infections by boosting our immunity .
  2. Thermogenic properties:- The chemical substance of ginger have thermogenic properties. So, it provide warmth to our body in winter.
  3. Anti-inflammatory properties:- Recent studies indentified that ginger reduces inflammation and joint pains. The volatile compounds in ginger ( shogaols , gingerol) help to reduce inflammation. They are also give relief in menstrual cramps .
  4. Relief in migraine :- The volatile oils of ginger have preventive function of migraine headache.
  5. Helps in digestion:- The volatile compounds of ginger help to neutralise digestive acids which results inhibition of the brain’s “ vomiting centre” .
  6. Anti-carcinogenic Property:- Ginger helps in detoxification of carcinogens ( NIN 2001-2002) . The chemical substances of ginger can kill the ovarian cancer cells due to the volatile oil compounds of ginger , gingerol and shogaol.

Beside these ginger is also effective- in reducing nausea from morning sickness caused by pregnancy , surgery or chemotherapy and protects against oxidative stress.

Now , we have learned about the health benefits of ginger. So, wait for what? Add ginger in your tea and enjoy this winter.






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